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Wordtracker or KeywordDiscovery?

January 3, 2007

Hi Jill,


I notice you always promote both KeywordDiscovery and WordTracker.  I am trying to decide which one to subscribe to.  Do you have a preference?  I noticed that KeywordDiscovery promotes the fact they use data going back at least 12 months, which I guess is good if you have a seasonal business pattern.  Any other differences or advantages?


By the way, we always find your newsletter very good!


Kind regards,


Lucy F.


++Jill’s Response++


Hi Lucy,


As Wordtracker’s first customer, I used it and recommended it for many years.  It has everything you need to research keywords effectively.  When KeywordDiscovery  first came out, I was reluctant to try it because I was very happy with Wordtracker (plus I get set in my ways!).  Eventually, I did break down and try KeywordDiscovery, and I must say, I was very impressed.  KD certainly had its bugs and growing pains, but it has gotten to the point now where it is very usable.


At this point, I decided to stick with KeywordDiscovery, but also have no problems with Wordtracker.  I don’t personally use either of them enough myself (that’s what outsourcing is for!).  There is something to the “feel” of KD that I seem to like better, nothing I can really put my finger on, though.


I would highly suggest trying them both out and deciding for yourself which you like best.  There are some different features between them, and you may have a need for one or the other that I don’t.   Either way you’ll end up with decent keyword phrases with which to optimize your pages.