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Wrong Code

January 3, 2007



I’ve been receiving your newsletter for several months now and find the information invaluable. I’m a one-woman show for our website with no formal website development training. We’re a small, family-owned business with very little money for expert assistance so everything is learn-as-I-go and School of Hard Knocks. Your newsletter has been my most important reference.


I recently met with a company that provides SEO as one of their services and I was told point-blank that our site is written with the “wrong code,” and therefore the search engines can’t read it. I use FrontPage and have nothing more fancy than text, tables, pictures, and some links to other industry sites. Should I be suspicious?


So far I’ve managed some pretty good search rankings with the major search engines on many of our keywords — I don’t think we’re doing that badly.


Thank you for any words of wisdom and keep up the great work!


Yvonne B.


++Jill’s Response++


Hi Yvonne,


Since your pages are getting indexed by the search engines just fine, and you’re getting pretty good rankings, the whole thing definitely sounds fishy to me.  Obviously, without seeing your site or having more information, I can’t really say what they’re talking about.  If all they said was that it was written with the “wrong code,” you should get clarification as to what exactly is wrong about it.  If they didn’t say any more than that, and won’t provide you with any specifics, then I’d chalk them up as SEO Quacks and simply move on.  Your current rankings speak for themselves!