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How To Write Successful PPC Ads

October 31, 2007

Karon Thackston has just finished her new ebook on how to write successful
PPC ads.  Itís so new, in fact, that it hasnít even been announced to the
general public!  As a long-time friend, Karon is allowing me to announce it
here first, and also offer you ó the High Rankings Advisor subscribers ó a
huge discount!  The price for the general public will be at least $29 (sheís
still trying to work out the ultimate price).  But for you right now (if you
purchase by November 10, 2007) you can buy it for only $19!


Hereís what Karon has to say about the ebook:


ďThis was written because I kept hearing individual site owners, in-house
marketing people and even professional copywriters complain about the fact
that they were just guessing at what worked and what didnít when it came to
PPC copywriting.  There was no method to their madness.  Iíve also heard
tons of complaints about the frustration of fitting your message into such a
short space.  So, I decided to create a short ebook specifically about
writing PPC ads.  I compiled some research (my own along with research from
others) and developed a step-by-step method for writing PPC ads that work.
Iíve also included tables and charts with Google-approved abbreviations and
tips for shortening your copy without making it look like encrypted code!
There are lots of examples, too.Ē


Karon let the High Rankings team have an advance copy and we definitely
found it to be a great step-by-step guide for PPC copywriting.  It was a
quick read and it has a lot of useful techniques and tips for creating and
optimizing PPC ads. We plan to use the ebook as a strategy / best-practice
guide when we craft our own PPC ads. We especially like the ideas Karon
provided for simple changes that can lead to dramatic increases in
clickthrough rates!


So if youíre looking to improve your PPC copywriting skills or refine your
writing process, you should definitely take advantage of Karonís generous
offer to HRA subscribers. Please note that this ebook is JUST about writing
PPC ads.  It has nothing to do with PPC account management, bidding
strategies, landing pages or other areas of PPC.


You can purchase via my affiliate link here.

Donít forget, the price is going up Nov. 11.