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HRA 363: Wrap-up

July 31, 2013
That's all for today!

My Chicago SEO Class turned out great. I thought it was cool that 6 of the 7 students had been longtime HRA subscribers, and the 7th became one after the class. (He had found out about it via Google -- yay, SEO!).

My husband and I also had a good time catching up with our son Tim and his friend, who are both in Chicago for the summer. Plus, we got to catch up with a couple of friends who recently moved from Mass. to the Chicago area. So all in all, a great, albeit short, trip.

And today, as soon as this newsletter goes out, I am traveling to NYC with my daughter Jamie, who is going on a group trip to Israel! I'm just helping to make sure she gets to the JFK airport at the right time and place to meet her group and then heading back home. But she should be in for a very interesting 10 days.

Catch you in 2 weeks! -- Jill