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HRA 360: Wrap-up

June 19, 2013
That's all for today!

It's been a great month or two over here. My exercise and healthy eating regimen is going well. And today I was even able to get back into my yoga class after being away since December after herniating a disk in my back. I've got my Fitbit Flex secure on my wrist and have learned that 10,000 freakin' steps a day is a crapload! I've reached that goal only twice so far and it's only when I take a hike around our local reservoir (which is about a 4-mile jaunt). Even when I do that, I don't reach the 10,000-step mark until later in the day. I'm kind of surprised that 10,000 steps is the benchmark that is recommended to really stay healthy because it definitely is a lot. But even if I'm not hitting the 10K mark every day, it does give me something to strive for. It's usually a good exercise day and I'm typically happy if I can get half of that much!

More surprising is the healthy eating. If you follow me on Facebook you've probably seen some of my healthy lunch creations. I've actually been enjoying shopping for lots of yummy veggies and herbs and combining them in interesting ways. (Right now my mom and the rest of my family reading this just fainted. And to them I say :P ) I've lost close to 10 pounds so far and haven't felt hungry or deprived. The hardest part is having fewer (or sometimes no) glasses of wine each night. But even that I'm getting used to! The MyFitnessPal app has really helped. If you're using that as well, hit me up there to friend. My user name is "Webwhiz."

Catch you in 2 weeks! -- Jill

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 dzinerbear said:
Thanks for this. I've had this nagging in the back of my head that I have to start doing something to get myself back on track. I lost 120 pounds a couple of years ago and it's been creeping back on. I thought I had put on 50-60 pounds, but after reading your post I got on the scale and I've put on 77 pounds. Yikes! Going to get start on this immediately.
 Jill Whalen said:
Good luck!