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HRA 358: Wrap-up

May 22, 2013
That's all for today!

Anyone else order the new Fitbit Flex? They are still on back order but I can't wait to receive mine. In preparation, I've already started using their app along with the MyFitnessPal app, which will sync up with the device after I receive it. I think I'm probably going to stick with the latter one once I receive my device. Feel free to friend me on there if you're also a member (it's free!). I shocked myself when I decided to see if I could run the length of my street and back (just over a mile altogether). I managed to run the entire mile by my third time out! (I've never been much of a runner, even in my youth.) I can't say I'm very fond of running, but it is a quick way to burn some calories.

And speaking of calories, the apps provide a great way to see how many are in all the foods I eat. As one who's never dieted before, this was all new to me. While it probably sounds dumb to those of you who've been off and on diets all your life, I have to say I was shocked at how many calories are in some foods! It's actually been very easy for me to just stop eating those that are high in calories in favor of those that are low. The interesting thing is that fewer calories doesn't mean you don't feel full. I sometimes feel like I must be "cheating" after eating a bunch of fruit and feeling stuffed, but the calorie counts are so low that apparently it's fine!

My main goal with all this is of course to just be healthier overall. But it would also be cool to take off some extra pounds by the time Corie's wedding comes around next year. Here's hoping I stick with it!

Also, I know July 26th sounds like years from now, but it's really just around the corner. If you'd like to learn SEO directly from me in a small group setting, be sure to register for my 1-day SEO class to be held in Chicago.

Catch you in 2 weeks! -- Jill