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HRA 302: Wrap-up

March 23, 2011
That's all for today!

I had an enjoyable (if too brief) time at the SMX West Conference a few weeks ago. The sessions are getting better and better, and I got a few great nuggets out of the technical SEO sessions I attended. The two sessions where I was a panelist went well also. The audience at SMX seems to be getting smarter all the time, which is great!

My vacation in Hawaii was also nice. It's always good to spend time with my family who lives there. This is the first time I visited an island other than Oahu as I spent a few days at my sister's house on Kauai. It was quite different from the hustle and bustle of Honolulu. If you're wondering about the tsunami, I was in the air flying toward Oahu during the time when it was at its peak. After seeing some of the tsunami videos from Japan, I'm thankful that in Oahu and Kauai it turned out to be a non-event. From the news I was watching while there, apparently only the Big Island of Hawaii got hit hard and had some damage.

It was also good to come back to having nearly all of our snow gone! It did snow a bit the other day here, but nothing that stuck. I hope we're done with any major snow for this season. After all, it is now officially Spring!

Catch you in 2 weeks! – Jill