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HRA 296: Wrap-up

December 15, 2010
That's all for today!

Are the weeks flying by faster than ever for you, or is it just me? Heck, it's not even the weeks anymore. It's the months and even the years. Can you believe 2010 is nearly over? And this is likely the last HRA newsletter for 2010, so we'll hit the 300th issue in early 2011!

I didn't receive much interest in a Houston SEO seminar for January, so I think I'll put that on hold for now. I'll be hanging with Corie (our daughter who now lives in Houston) during the holidays anyway, so I might as well wait to do a seminar later, when I've had a chance to start missing her again.

And yes, we're all heading to Florida again to visit 102-year-old Nana! We're also going to head all the way down to Key West this time, so that should be fun. Apparently, the hotel we're staying at has free smoothies and free wine, which should make everyone happy!

Catch you in 2 – make that 3 – weeks! – Jill