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HRA 284: Wrap-up

June 30, 2010
That's all for today. What a week it's already been. Some [expletive deleted] toad decided to attack our server this weekend and it took many days for the hosting company to get things under control. The High Rankings site is still coming in very slowly at times for some people, so if you've followed any links in the newsletter, you may need to be a little more patient than usual. If something times out, just try it again and it will likely work for you. My hope is that everything will be a bit faster and smoother by the time this newsletter hits your inbox.

In other news, it's my birthday this weekend. Long-time readers will remember that I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy, born on the 4th of July! I'm old enough that I'll refrain from providing you with the year, but I'm sure if you dig into past newsletters you'll figure it out as I'm sure I've divulged it in the past.

Oh yeah, and have I told you that my oldest daughter, Corie, whom you may have heard me mention once or twice (or 50 times) through the years, has accepted a job in the Houston area? While we and all her political buddies will miss her in Mass., it's a great opportunity for her. So perhaps you'll find me doing an SEO seminar in Houston at some point in the next year!

Keep cool and I'll catch you in 2 weeks! – Jill