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Advisor Wrap-Up 249

February 4, 2009
That's all for today!

I'm looking forward to SMX West next week. It should be another good show. Who else is going? (We did give away our free pass already, sorry if it wasn't you!) If you are going, please be sure to say hi to me. I'm speaking on Wednesday and Thursday.

And if you're on the other side of the pond, you can try to catch up with me at SES London. You may need to do so on Wednesday (the week after next), as I won't be hanging around the conference as much as usual since Don and Tim will be there with me.

Oh, and one last probably have heard of our friend and usability consultant Kim Krause Berg from The Usability Effect. She's been entered into a "moms in business" competition.

If you've enjoyed her guest articles here or her blog posts, or have had one of her awesome usability analyses for your website, I'm sure you'll agree she's the one to vote for in the competition! Please note that you can vote once a day, so vote often and vote for Kim!

Catch you in 2 weeks (from London)! – Jill