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HRA Wrap-up 244

November 19, 2008
That's all for today!

Had an awesome time at PubCon last week catching up with many old friends. I found it pretty cool to hang out with some of the same folks I hung out with at my very first conference back in 2000! Unfortunately, I also managed to somehow not meet many of the newer friends I've met online over the past year (Yes, this means you, Mr. Streko!). It's funny how you can just keep missing each other, despite best efforts. I did enjoy my sessions, and found the attendees to be extremely interested in what they were learning. It appears that there are lots of new web marketers coming on the scene.

Oh yeah, and our SEO Luncheon the week before also turned out great. Didn't think we could fit so many people in our office. I must have answered at least 20 SEO questions during lunch, which was fun! It was great to meet so many of our local High Rankings Advisor subscribers in person.

Catch you in 2 weeks! – Jill
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 Dr. Pete said:
I really enjoyed your copywriting session and meant to say "hi" at some point, but just didn't get around to it (I'll avoid making lame excuses to justify that). It was my 2nd Pubcon, and both shows have somehow been both too long and too short at the same time.
 Joseph Morin said:
Thanks for coming out Jill! Great to see you as usual.
 Streko said:
I still think you don't exist.


coming to SES NY? I will be there, we can avoid each other all over again.