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HRA Wrap-up 236

July 30, 2008
That's all for today!

Holy smokes...I just realized July is nearly over. Besides the fact that time is slipping by way faster than usual, the 31st of July also means that the High Rankings Forum is now 5 years old!

In addition to that awesome milestone, July 31 also means I've been married one more year. Yikes, I just did the math, and apparently I've been married for 25 years...a quarter of a could that be? (Doin' the math again...2008 – 1983...eek...yep...looks like 25.) The funny thing is this totally snuck up on us this year. What's the 25th anyway? Silver? Gold? Bronze? Tinfoil? ;)

Catch you in 2 weeks! – Jill