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SEO Website Audit

HRA Wrap-up 228

April 9, 2008

That's it for today!


I'm gearing up for our SEO Training Class on Friday, which looks to be a good one. After all these years in the biz (13!), I still enjoy reviewing all these websites and figuring out the best way to help them increase their search engine traffic. It's like getting to solve SEO puzzles all day long in the office!


It's great that more companies these days are seeing the value of SEO and are sending people to classes like ours. But it never ceases to amaze me how many still don't get it, or at least don't understand the value of SEO. Budgets for SEO are still not priced correctly -- many companies budget only a couple thousand dollars (or less) per year for it. Go figure...


No travel for me in the next few weeks...yay! The only thing I have coming up is my grandmother's 100th-birthday party on May 7th. Corie and I will be heading down to Florida for a few days to celebrate with other members of the family as well. Oops, that just reminded me that I better make our flight reservations!


Catch you next time! - Jill