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HRA Wrap-up 220

December 19, 2007

That's all for today!


Is it really Christmas next week? My family and I will be making the usual pilgrimage to Florida to visit with my grandmother.  She's 99 years old now -- amazing!


Jamie is even flying from Hawaii to meet us there. She's going to brave the cold with us for a few weeks afterwards back in Boston in order to make the long flight worthwhile. I don't think we trashed all her winter clothes that she left behind -- yet! ;) We've been missing her since August when she settled into the Hawaiian lifestyle. Apparently she's been taking in some culture while she's there: seeing foreign films with my parents on Wednesday nights!


Corie is also coming to Florida, which will be good as she could certainly use a break from her politicking duties. She played a huge part in last weekend's Boston Tea Party Rally at Fanueil Hall, which apparently raised the most amount of money for a candidate on the Internet in one day -- ever!


You can watch the video feed here. It's a few hours long. Corie actually spoke at the very end, but I'm not sure if there's a way to fast-forward the video to hear her. She was...of course...awesome! :)


Corie even helped set up the Liberty League PAC. She said it was pretty cool because she was actually learning about setting up PACs in her political science class at the same time! Best way to learn, I guess.


Tim is of course also coming with us to Florida. I'm sure he also needs a break from school, as he's worked mega-hard as usual to keep up his overall A+ average. He's also been enjoying the Nintendo Wii that Don was able to buy a few weeks ago when he heard a new delivery of them was heading for Wal-Mart. I'm sure Jamie will be giving Tim a run for his money with the games once she's back in Boston, and will probably start beating everyone in no time!


I hope you all enjoy the holidays and time off from work, and I will catch you in a few weeks! - Jill