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SEO Website Audit

Wrap-up 217

November 14, 2007

Weíve been hard at work on the completely updated and redesigned High Rankings website.  Itís taken a lot longer than expected, but weíre starting to see an end in sight and hope to have things up and running sometime over the next few weeks. Itís going to be a dramatic change, and Iím glad I have had all these months to get used to it myself.  (Yes, Iím one of those who resist change with every fiber of my being.)  But now that itís nearly done, I have to say Iím extremely pleased with how itís come out.  The new branding and website should carry us far into the 21st century (as you know I wonít change it again until the 22nd century ;)


Weíve been very happy with the website development company that worked on our site, Newfangled Web Factory.  If youíre in the market for a new website, complete with the best content-management system Iíve seen yet, then check them out here. Be sure to tell Ďem Jill sent ya!


Thatís all for now, catch you in 2. - Jill