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HRA Wrap-up 221

January 2, 2008
That's all for today!  

Between going live with the new site, uploading old newsletters (still many to go), creating redirects, and documenting how Google is indexing the whole thing, I did get away with the family for a few days to Florida.  We had a nice, relaxing time, especially the full day I got to sit by the pool with my laptop.  Now that's my idea of fun!  The hotel had great poolside service for food and drinks, and that made things even nicer.  Corie would have liked someone to go to the beach with her, but the rest of us aren't really into that, unfortunately.

New Year’s Eve was like most any other night for us, and we didn't really do anything special.  How about you? Let me know of any interesting tidbits going on in your life!

We're off next week due to the SEMNE event on Wed., but will be back again in 2 weeks. - Jill