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Advisor Wrap-up 210

September 5, 2007

The kids are back in school, but it’s a bit weird for me.  This is my first
September driving into the office, so I’m missing my usual “first week of
school/quiet house all to myself” feeling that I normally have this time of


The good news is that by all accounts, Jamie is doing terrific out in
Hawaii! She’s got the bus system all figured out and so far is enjoying her
classes. My parents said she even visited them at the beach after school one
day and didn’t even complain about the sand! :)


Tim liked his first day of high school, but I don’t believe Corie has quite
started at Simmons yet.  We still have to get to Boston to see her
apartment, and will have to make an effort to do that soon.

Enjoy the nice weather, and I’ll catch you next time! - Jill