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Advisor Wrap-up 209

August 29, 2007

On the personal front, we had a good time in both Hawaii and San Jose.  We
got Jamie safely settled in Hawaii, although it was pretty stressful there
for awhile. She moved into her dorm this past weekend and started school on
Monday.  She’s called me the past few mornings to let me know she got to
school okay with all the city buses and stuff, so that’s been nice.  That
was one thing I was really nervous about!


The conference went well in San Jose, and Don, Tim, and Corie enjoyed their
first Google Dance! We also visited the Winchester House, the Redwoods Big
Basin, and of course, some of San Francisco.  Don, Corie, and Tim also
walked part of the Golden Gate Bridge and took in a Giants game.


Corie and Tim found it amusing when some people from the conference knew who
they were because they read this newsletter.  Someone said to Corie at the


Google Dance, “So, are you enjoying being back in Boston?” :)   These days,
Corie’s helping with the Ron Paul for President campaign as she is a
“constitutionalist.”  You can see a very long post of hers Ron Paul New England, that some might find fairly controversial.  She’s an amazing writer, but her post is waaaaaaaaaaaaay over my head! Plus I’m apolitical…she sure didn’t get her love of politics
from me.