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Advisor Wrap-up 207

August 8, 2007

As mentioned last time, Iím off to Hawaii next week and San Jose the week
after.  I have very mixed emotions about this trip in general.  On the one
hand, things are somewhat slow this time of year, so itís certainly a good
time to be out of the office.  On the other hand, I love my work and my
colleagues, and I am going to miss them for two weeks!  Then again, Iím
never too far from my laptop, so Iíll still be in touch and available for
any SEO emergencies(!) that might crop up.  Plus, it will be nice to spend
time with family for a change and to get to see my sister and my parents,
who all live in Hawaii. But then again, weíll be leaving Jamie there for
school, and who knows the next time we will see her?  That really hit me the
other night for the first time. Itís not like she can just come home for a
weekend or something.  Thankfully sheíll have family nearby, so that helps a
whole lot.


As for the San Jose portion of the trip, itís always fun to go to the SES
conference, but Iím not sure how itís going to be trying to balance having
my family with me and also trying to be sociable with my SEO conference
pals.  My husband and my son Tim will be there, and my daughter Corie will
be coming out for part of the SJ trip.  Now, theyíre all old enough to do
their own thing, so thatís not a problem, but Iím just not sure how things
like the Google Dance will play out, etc.  Iím hoping I can get them all
into the dance, which would be great, but it might be for conference
attendees only.  In which case, do I skip it?  I havenít missed a Google
Dance yet and want to at least show up for a little bit (certainly gotta at
least get the t-shirt!). Iím sure weíll work out all these details soon
enough, but in the meantime, Iíve been slightly stressed thinking about it


At any rate, even though Iíll be in Hawaii next week, Iíll still be sending
out the newsletter because we have Paulineís Andrew Goodman interview all
ready to go.  So Iíll catch you then, if only remotely!


If youíre in San Jose for the conference, please track me down and say hi!