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Wrap-up 206 - Family Update

August 1, 2007

It’s been pretty dead online the last few weeks as it seems most of the world is on vacation.  But that’s been great for those of us still working, and we’ve been able to finally catch up on everything!


I’ll take this quiet time to catch you up on the latest family news…


Corie has officially transferred to Simmons College and will be back in the Boston area as opposed to NYC.  She’s moving into her first apartment in another couple of weeks!  I expect we’ll see her fairly often since she is planning to bring home her laundry!


As I mentioned last time, Jamie is going to be in Honolulu for school. We’re all heading out there in a couple of weeks to get her settled.  She will be in a dorm/apartment environment in the city also, so that should be interesting for her.


Tim has started his yearly music camp where they put together a band.  This will be the first year that he will be singing with his voice completely changed, and I’m looking forward to their performance in 2 weeks to see how he does!  He had the sweetest, bestest voice in the world when it was still high, so I’m sure it will still be awesome…but just lower now!

That’s about it!