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Travel, Travel and More Travel!

June 6, 2007

That’s all for today!


I had a good time in Seattle for SMX, even though I spent most of the time catching up on work.  The “Give It Up” panel that I was on with 9 other long-time SEO experts was really fun!  I’m not allowed to talk about what was said there because Danny promised everyone it would be kept secret for at least a month.  He was pretty adamant about it and even went so far as to say that anyone who published the secrets would be “dead to the rest of the SEO world”! (I hope I’m allowed to say that!)  I was kinda nervous about being on that panel since I have been spilling my SEO secrets for the past 200 issues here and wasn’t sure I had any left.  I did manage to pull it off with a few nice tips that I hope at least a few people in attendance didn’t already know.


My daughter Jamie’s high school graduation is this weekend and then next week is the Toronto SES, where I’m speaking on the “SEO Myths and Scams” panel as well as the “Is Content Really King?” panel.  Thanks to all who sent in your requests for the free pass to that event.  You were all deserving, but alas, I could give out only one.
There’s still time to register for the Toronto SES.   


After that I think I have a week of breathing room, and then it’s off to Denver for the best event of the month, the High Rankings Search Marketing Seminar!


Then in July, we’ve got the next SEMNE networking event on the 10th in Providence, RI: “Getting into Google,” with special guest speaker, Dan Crowe of Google.  This one is filling up fast (it’s only $35 early reg.). We’ve also got our September SEMNE event in Nashua, NH in the works, with Matt Van Wagner from Find Me Faster talking about pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.  Registration for that event should be up next week.


Phew!  After all the travel, conferences, and seminars, I think I need to take August off just to sleep!  (Oh wait, I’ll probably be speaking at the San Jose SES in August as well…so much for that idea!)


Catch you next time! - Jill