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Wrap-up 191

February 28, 2007

For those keeping track of the new office saga, we still don’t have our
phones, but we’re getting closer.  In fact, by the time I come in tomorrow,
I may actually have a usable phone line in my space!  Of course, just as we
are getting this settled, I have just hired someone else and now need
another line, plus I realized I should probably get a fax line.  Hate to
open up another can of worms with ‘ole AT&T but might as well get it over
with now.  Besides, I’m starting to enjoy the hold music they play…it
grows on you when listening to it for a good half-hour straight!  Oh wait,
maybe I’m thinking of the hold music at Micro-Center when I call every day
to check on the status of my laptop which was brought in for repairs on Jan.
8! [sigh]


One day soon, I’m sure we’ll actually be able to do some real work over
here! :)


Catch you next week with a forum edition of the newsletter. - Jill