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Advisor Wrap-up 190

February 21, 2007

That's it for today -- check back next week for a full newsletter!

Just wanted to also mention that the response to my 15-minute Tele-clinics
has been terrific so far!  I've got a pile of them scheduled for this
Thursday, and I'll let you know how they went next newsletter.  I'm
scheduling the second round for next week, so if you're interested in having
me do a quick 15-minute review of your website, let me know and we'll get
you signed up.  I'm still offering the special $150 rate for these, but I'm
finding that the admin work of getting them set up is taking longer than
anticipated (scheduling, invoicing, receiving payments, etc.) so I'm not
sure how long I can keep them at this price.

Alrighty then...catch you next time!