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Advisor Wrap-up 189

February 14, 2007

Quick update on what’s been going on with me and High Rankings lately.


Our SEMNE organization is still on the right track, and we can’t wait for
our first event on March 6th. We did have a few technical glitches for some
people when they tried to sign up, so we’ve extended the $35 early-bird
price to the end of this weekend (Feb. 18th). If you had any trouble
registering, please give it another shot, or email me at semne AT
to help straighten it out. Learn more about SEMNE and our upcoming


I think I told you last time that we had moved into our new office recently.
Thanks to those of you who sent office-warming gifts — it was very nice of
you! It’s starting to really look lived-in now, and we’re happy to have a
comfortable home away from home. I haven’t even minded having to get
dressed first thing in the morning (yet!). Although, since it was
snowy/sleety today we just worked at home, and yes, I stayed in my jammies.


We’ve also interviewed a few great candidates for our new Search Marketing
Associate position, and have a few more to interview this week. I think
we’ll be able to choose someone soon, and I’m really looking forward to
having an extra pair of hands to help with the workload.


That’s pretty much it. Don’t forget to sign up for the seminar, or for
SEMNE, or to let me know if you’re interested in my new Tele-clinic service.


Catch you next time. - Jill