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Advisor Wrap-up 186

January 17, 2007

I’m heading out early for a networking event in Boston.  Gotta do some
competitive intelligence for good ‘ole SEMNE!


I haven’t given a Whalen Kid Update in a while so here’s a quickie…

Corie’s been home for her winter break, although she’s been back and forth
between NYC a bit since that’s where her bf lives.  I believe she goes back
for good at the end of this week.  As I’ve mentioned before, that’s a mixed
blessing.  Can’t say I’ll miss having to run the dishwasher like 3 times a
day because she can’t seem to use the same glass twice in the same


Jamie’s wrapping up her last year of high school and has started rehearsing
for the school play this week.  She wasn’t in the play last year, but the
year before she was awesome.  We’re looking forward to seeing her in this
one.  (I’m not actually even sure what play it is they’re doing!)


Timmy…erm Tim…has received the “Student of the Month” award at school 2
times already since school started, which is not a huge surprise to anyone
who knows him, but a great feat nonetheless! He was spending the night at a
friend’s house the other night, and his presence was definitely missed by
Don and I when watching our TV shows that night.  He’s generally working on
his laptop most evenings, but always pipes in with a hilarious comment or 2
every now and then!


That’s about it!


Catch you next time. - Jill