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Advisor Wrap-up 185

January 3, 2007

So how were your holidays? Mine were very low-key, which is exactly as I like it. We did get a chance to head down to Florida to visit my 98-year-old grandmother, who’s still doing great! We happened to stay at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, but interestingly enough didn’t gamble even one quarter away. I did have one lucky quarter I wanted to put in a machine, but it turns out they weren’t taking actual change, only bills or special cards or something. Wasn’t worth my trouble at that point, and besides it was smoky in there….


How’s 2007 looking for you? I’m totally pumped and ready to go. I’m also ready to grow! High Rankings is planning to hire employees this year. I haven’t figured out exactly what positions I will need filled, but if you think you have what it takes to work for me (easier said than done ;) feel free to send me your resume, skills, ultimate dream job description, vision of SEM/SEO, and salary requirements. This will be an in-house job in our soon-to-be-open Framingham, MA office. I may not know the positions I want filled, but I do know that I am interested only in people who share my passion for SEO and are self-motivated and principled. The skills can be learned, but the passion needs to already exist.


More on this, as well as additional High Rankings announcements, next time! - Jill