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SEO Website Audit

Advisor Wrap-up 183

November 29, 2006

Whew…that was a long newsletter! I hope you managed to read every bit of
it, because I think it was all important stuff!


I’ve been immersed in all the SEMNE stuff lately, and haven’t had much time
for anything else, thus…not much more to say here. I spent most of my
Thanksgiving vacation getting the website up to speed and finding all kinds
of great applications to integrate into the site to make it the best it
could be!


Looks like the Chicago conference is going to be a very busy time too, but
I’m looking forward to getting away for a few days. Come see me speak on
Tues. at the Writing for Search Engines session and be sure to introduce
yourself to me if you’re there. I might be running around a lot at this
one, but don’t be shy about stopping me to say hi! And definitely check the
hotel bar at night…I’ll most likely be there.


Catch you here in 2! - Jill