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HRA 181 Wrap Up

October 25, 2006
That's all for today!

We had an awesome time last week at the High Rankings® Dallas/Ft. Worth
seminar.  This was one of the best turnouts in a while, and the caliber of
the attendees was extremely high.  The venue was also beautiful, and the
weather even held out for the most part.  Thanks to everyone who was great meeting you all!  And a special thanks to the
speakers -- Scottie, Karon, Matt, Christine, and Debra -- as well as to our
Fearless Events leader, Lee, and all-around helper-outer, Pauline.  You were
all great, and it wouldn't have been the same without you.

After the seminar, a bunch of us stayed for the weekend, during which
Christine and her husband Mike treated us to a great Texas cookout.  We had
plenty of food and tons and tons of wine, and I don't think I've laughed so
hard since the last time we had a day off after a seminar! I think the most
fun was playing Dinosaur Dentist with Matt's little girl, Caitlin.  (Man,
that dinosaur hurts when he bites you!)  It was also great to see Christine
and Mike's Caitlin again, also.  We were even treated to some impressive
piano playing by her and Scottie towards the end of the night, which was
quite a treat!

Thanks again, everyone.  Catch you in 2 weeks. - Jill