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HRA Wrap-up 175

August 30, 2006
That's all for today!

Hard to believe it's back-to-school time already.  Corie's back in NY at
college, and Jamie and Timmy start their respective schools next week after
Labor Day.  What's even harder to believe is that Jamie is going to be a
senior in high school this!  And harder than that to believe is
that Timmy's voice is starting to change (he's 13).  I'm interested in
hearing where his singing range ends up once the change is complete.  His
singing key has always been very high, but I guess that will be changing

Don't be surprised if you start receiving this weekly till mid-October.  We
find it helps to keep the word out about the seminar.  The hard part will
just be finding the time and enough material to write about.

Catch you next week! - Jill