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Advisor Wrap-up 177

September 13, 2006
That's all for today!

Had a nice brunch in Nashua, NH with my seminar partner Lee today, and still
had time to finish this newsletter.  Yeah, it makes a difference when I have
some guest writers on board!  Speaking of which, I'm always looking for
additional guest writers.  But don't just send me an article you've written.
If you're interested in writing for the Advisor, you'll first need to pitch
me your idea for an article, and if I approve it, it will need to be written
specifically for this newsletter and not be something you've published
elsewhere.  I don't mind if you later publish it to other sites, but my
readers want first-run stuff here, so that's what they're gonna get. to get back to the grindstone.  Catch you next week! - Jill