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Number of Words on a Page

January 16, 2008

Dear Jill,


I have a customer who is convinced that for maximum SEO, the page length must be between 450 and 625 words. He has a software program that tells him this. Is there any truth to it?




++Jill's Response++


Hi Marte,


Well, if his software program told him that, then it must be true! (NOT!) Those crazy SEO software programs never cease to amaze me with the stuff they tell people. (See my previous article on that topic here.


You can rest assured that there is absolutely, positively no specific number of words that any given page needs to contain in order to gain highly targeted search engine traffic. Every page is different as it has different needs and different target markets.


Your pages should be as long or as short as the need to be in order to say what they need to say. The number of words on the page is not a search engine issue at all, but a marketing issue. SEO can be performed on any page, regardless of its length because search engines know that it takes a varying amount of words to get your point across.


Hope this helps!



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 Justin Seibert said:
Jill - I agree definitely about not having hard and fast rules, but wouldn't you say that the amount of copy does matter somewhat? Particularly depending on the amount of keywords you're trying to target?
 Jill said:
I say it because it doesn't matter! You should adjust your number of keywords to whatever the right amount of copy is for your users, not the other way around.
 Paul Mihai said:
As far as I know, the robots are interested in keyword density, not the number of words on that page/article/whatever. I don't understand how some people spend money on such so called "software". If you need a word count, use MS Word for that.
 Bhupesh said:
I would suggest that the copy should be long enough to allow you to incorporate your keywords without making it look like the page was solely optimized for SEO. At the end of the day, the content has to be relevant to a human in order for a conversion to happen.
 Duh! said:
Length does matter.
A page with 3 sentences doesn't rank as well as one with 1500 words.
A page with 3,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 words doesn't rank very well either.
 Jill said:
That's simply not true. I've seen plenty of pages rank with just three sentences. I've seen plenty rank with no words at all!
 Mark said:
I have seen plenty of pages rank with minimal or no content rank really well. Take a typical ecommerce site, their main page is almost all images and no text. However, if you look at the code, every image has some text behind it in the tags.

Plus, in most cases when these ecommerce sites come up in searches, the relevant page is the item page which has the content. The main page while it will have a great page ranking generally comes up only when you search for emocomerce vendors.

The key seems to be, make the site useful for your visitors. Then work your SEO in and be relevant. For business owners or blog writers there is no point getting great volume of visitors to your site only to push up your bounce rates. Keep focused on the business at hand and getting the right content in the correct peoples hands.