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Embedded YouTube Video Vs. Self-hosting – SEO benefits? Advanced SEO Forum Thread

April 15, 2009

Forum member "cswilliams" wonders if hosting your videos on your own server rather than on YouTube would provide any SEO benefits.


See the entire post and responses here:


Embedded YouTube Video Vs. Self-hosting – SEO benefits?

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 Joe said:
One key factor when considering hosting / linking to YouTube is going to be Pagespeed.
Google is now giving more attention to the time a page loads in its rankings. The thumb displays of your hosted video take longer to load than a linked video you may end up with a negitive net page rank loss for your efforts.

I am currently working an a slimmer index page and will be linking into my you tube account until the situation is clearer.

 Jill Whalen said:
Sorry, Joe, but that doesn't fly. Page speed is getting way more attention by people in the industry than Google is surely giving it within their algorithm. Sure, if your page takes 10 minutes to load, that will probably affect your rankings.

But the average website doesn't need to worry about this.

And whether your video is hosting on your own server or YouTube shouldn't slow down how quickly the page loads anyway.
 Rahul said:
I decided to self-host my videos on my website after closing my youtube account and there hasn't been any change in pagerank and/or traffic to the corresponding pages.