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Twitter Question of the Week

October 14, 2009
In keeping with today's theme of being a good (or bad) SEO client, I asked my friendly and helpful Tweeps the following question this week:

"Do you think SEO is undervalued by most companies? Why or why not?"

Here's what they had to say (with my own comments scattered throughout):

JulieJoyce: "If they know what it is, no. If they don't know what it is, definitely."

Jill: Yes, that is a big problem. Unfortunately, many do not know what it is.

Andy_SEO: "I don't think it's undervalued as such – more not given a realistic amount of time to gain beneficial results."

Jill: I disagree with Andy_SEO. Good SEO can have a positive effect on a website's targeted traffic and conversions very quickly. If he meant that it can take some time to implement, then I do agree with that.

SEOaudiore: "It's undervalued b/c it's rather challenging to gauge ROI & really identify what SEO efforts contributed to conversions."

Jill: I disagree with SEOaudiore also. The great thing about SEO is that it is highly measurable, assuming you have a good web analytics package installed and you know how to use it.

seoDave: "From my perspective SEO is very much an undervalued and underutilized service by many companies."

AVirtualEdge: "Because they don't fully understand or appreciate the return on their investment, and underestimate the skill and knowledge needed."

Jill: Agreed. The underestimation of the skills and knowledge required is a big problem. While it's not rocket science, every website you work on provides new challenges. The more you have under your belt, the easier it will be to solve future problems.

StockbridgeT: "It's easier to ignore than to understand for many people. We focus on what we know and shy away from what we don't."

visualrhetor: "SEO is undervalued: confusing to some, seen as a scam by others, or optional 'add-on' rather than integral piece of dev."

Jill: Both of the above underscore the fact that there's so much misinformation about SEO out there. I try to combat it by pointing out the inconsistencies and myths as much as I can.

macgenie: "SEO is not seen as integral to a website. It's looked at as an add-on or enhancement, rather than fundamental."

SportsGuy: "Yes, most companies undervalue SEO. They simply don't understand it and are floored by the amount of work to do it right."

leebrinckley: "Yes...companies don't take it seriously or see it as waste of time b/c they don't understand behind-the-scenes & time involved."

Jill: One of these days I'm really going to buy that High Rankings magic wand that many clients ask for!

prarthanasharma: "Yes it is. People still are not aware of its advantages & believe it's 'cosmetics' for the website, which might be costly."

Oneunder2001: "Yes undervalued 1) inertia, 2) lack basic understanding of computer sciences, 3) lack understanding of consumer-driven market."

robwatts: "By some yes – good SEM requires deep broad holistic understanding of how the pieces gel and connect."

Jill: And that pretty much sums it up!

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 Kevin P. said:
Yes. I often compare SEO to the costs of traditional marketing and the ROI on that... need I say more?
 Darlene J Hill said:
You mean there is no magic wand yet? Darn...I believe that every business should understand what SEO yes I have to explain, in detail, to the "huh" look, what that is more often than not, in a much longer than expected client presentation.