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SEO Website Audit

Translated Pages and Duplicate Content

December 13, 2006

Hi Jill,


I’m wondering if you can help me. I have a client who has a website in
England for his English branch. He also has a branch in Turkey that doesn’t
have a website yet. He would like to use the template for his existing
English website for his new Turkish website. As the graphics and layout will
be the same and some of the text will be the same but translated from
English to Turkish, will the 2 websites be regarded as duplicates and
therefore run the risk of being de-listed in Google?


Any help would be much appreciated.






++Jill’s Response++


Hi Leanne,


It’s fine to do that.  Those sites are not duplicates since they’re in
completely different languages. But even if they were duplicates, Google
doesn’t de-list sites because of that.  They may just list only one of the
sites, but they wouldn’t remove them both.  The search engines just don’t
want multiple instances of the same thing showing up in the search results
– they do want one of them though!