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Twitter Question of the Week

July 14, 2010
If you're a website designer, do you work with SEOs? If you're an SEO, do you work with developers?

goosh: I find it imperative to work with developers asap in a contract. Avoiding problems early on in SEO deployment is critical.

TonyVerre: I work with developers and designers. I teach them about what I do, and they let me in on their world too.

karl_ribas: Yes, and yes!

elizabethsmith: Yes, I work with developers to ensure that the client's site is fully optimized for SEO.

pmaceli: Worked w/ SEOs over the yrs and it changed the process in how I build websites nowadays.

derekedmond: All the time (work with developers ;-))

landaudesign: We are web designers and do our own SEO work. Haven't found an SEO company we love.

t_jones: If "work with" is a byword for "bicker with" ;)

griffiti: We develop sites on an in-house platform and have made many changes over the years to allow SEOs more flexibility.

domjbs: We work with a variety of developers / designers and dev / design companies for SEO projects. Sometimes find great partners.

blackwavetalks: Yes, our designers work w/ our SEO expert and our SEO expert works w/ developers to create effective / optimized sites.

netmeg: We do both. Fewer dropped balls.

chrbutler: Yes, we've worked with SEO's. Notably, you ;-)

Jill's Comment: I'm glad to see that many of my Twitter followers agree with me about the importance of SEO. I've found during my numerous redesign consultations that even really good developers can learn a few advanced things that they're not up to date with. They typically appreciate learning from my expertise because they can continue to use that knowledge for their other clients as well.

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 Fraser said:
It is staggering to think that developers and SEO's don't work together all the time, after all it is in the best interest of there clients. SEO and design are two completely different disciplines, you would not build a supermarket fill it with stock and not employ any staff to look after the clients.
 Chris said:
Not only do we work with them, they are our main source of client referral and we are a major source of referral to the developers and agencies that we work with. We need them and they need us. It is two skill sets on a two-way street!
 Marius Patrascu said:
Many developers don't know SEO, and many don't care, most of the websites I touch are less than 0 in on-site SEO :( I don;t understand why people wich code custom platforms don't even care to generate metas and title dinamicly...

Sry for my english!