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Twitter Question of the Week

March 23, 2011
This week I tried a sort of fun question based on my own inability to get much work done while I was on vacation.

++Do you get work done during vacations? OR do you even try? OR do you even take vacations? ;)++

Here's what my Twitter followers had to say:

mastercleaner: Don't take vacations.

idea15webdesign: Learned a long time ago that working on vacation sends out the message that you're not as successful as you claim you are.

ann_donnelly: Up until last year, I worked through vacations. Not fair to me/family. Now I get cover & have real break. It's worth it.

leebrinckley: I do not try to work on vacation. Vacation is family time. Family & work get cheated if one tries to make room for both.

SEOMalc: Much to my wife’s disgust, yes I do. Even if I am off the grid I use pen and paper.

nickleroy: No work on vacations - it works out well working for an agency. Work CAN get done even if I’m not there.

nextsteph: I did get work done during my family reunion last summer, but my stepmom banned me from my laptop for 1 day.

BrianHarnish: I try to get work done during vacation sometimes, but can't vouch for any success in getting work done ;)

danaditomaso: I take "vacations" but I definitely keep up on at least email. I like longer trips that involve some work.

sterlingwriter: I don't work on vacation (plus i try not to work weekends). I come back more creative and productive.

topweddingsites: What is this word vacation of which you speak?

trevox: Sadly, I get spiritually attached to my laptop & seek hotspots on vacation! Work is done, sometimes inspired by location.

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