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Twitter Question of the Week

February 10, 2010
This week, I asked my awesome Twitter followers:

Do you build links for the traffic or for rankings?

DavidWallace: For the most part, rankings & link popularity but in some scenarios, traffic especially in 'nofollow' situations.

forestsoftware: To be honest, I look at incoming links for human traffic; if it helps rankings, all well and good.

JulieJoyce: Clients want it for rankings almost always, but I do it with traffic in mind anyway.

hugoguzman: Depends, but usually it's for rankings first and foremost.

annaslyter: I do it for both, try to get clients to see value of both too.

bk_cox: For the traffic associated with the rankings, but mainly 4 rankings.

_robh_: Generally for rankings, although we are trying to change this practice with changes in off-page strategies.

SEOHack: For a site with few links – SEO. a site with adequate links – traffic. In either case, I take branding into account too.

AlanBleiweiss: Same as with content – I write it for the visitor & SEO. Links for inbound traffic & SEO value. Also, on a 2nd tier of value, links help build brand awareness even if someone doesn't click on them.

oldwelshguy: Thanks to the dumb Google Algo, links must be gathered for ranking as well as traffic, so both really.

As to my thoughts, what oldwelshguy says really sums it up for me. While we should, ideally, be looking for links for the traffic, Google has caused everyone to be crazed about link building. Unfortunately, this is why people keep adding to the noise of the Internet with content that is created only to be used as "link bait."

So we swim in a sea of content that wouldn't have existed were it not for the fact that we need links. This isn't necessarily bad, if the content were truly awesome, but honestly, how much of it really is? Do we really care about the history of doorstops or awnings or paper clips? I think not.

How about you? Leave a comment below and let me know!

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 ian anderson said:
SO agree with you about noise and clutter on the net. I once asked for 'help' on elance and the responses shocked me and frightened me to boot.
Amongst other dubious techniques, SEO 'experts' offering to produce dozens of blogs all pointing to my content, etc etc. All would be auto generated or 'outsourced content'; basically harvested from what is already published on the web.
Value to readers=zero.
Fluff in other words.
 Page1Rank said:
I'm only building for traffic! To be completely honest, I'm not building links for rankings at all anymore. I'm thinking it's a fad which has seen it's peak already. My client websites rank on the first page without all that time spent building links. I reserve it as an option to pursue if I can't get the rankings I want, but as a rule, I don't include link-building in my standard SEO Packages anymore. I know - I'm the only operating this way...
 Todd said:
I think building links for traffic is very important. This is my first and foremost marketing on the web. I care about google second. This way if an Algo comes around and you lose becasue google doesn't like you anymore, you are not losing too much traffic. We make all of our pages with SEO in mind casue we want the benefit of SEO but links from other websites out sell over anything. Sure, link building is very hard but if you start to think about it and have traffic in mind more than anything you will succeed with it.