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Twitter Question of the Week

March 10, 2010
This week, I asked my Twitter followers:

++Which Parts of SEO Do You Outsource?++

TonyVerre: Non-custom, Directory Link Building, when you need to amass quantity. Custom: Done by hand.

guerillagirl: We only outsource linking...that's it!

ChiqueLife: None – I would like to, but budget constraints for a small business make it difficult, especially with all the charlatans out there.

forestsoftware: None of it – outsourcing means loss of control, from my experience.

hugoguzman: Just the public relations (which results in some juicy, one-way inbound links).

louisedesmarais: I outsource keyword research – that is an art in itself! And it makes SEO writing so much easier and more effective.

I80equipment09:  All custom is done in-house, we outsource articles and landing pages that link our most competitive keywords.

weboptimist: Link begging, er, uh building!

Emma_Lee1:  I'm in-house SEO and simply don't have the budget to outsource. If I had the budget would outsource PPC only.

yuraf: I outsource research and/or content creation, copywriting as there's never enough of good content.

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 Hugh O'Carroll said:
Which Parts of SEO Do You Outsource?

That depends on how much time you have on your hands and how large your business is. Outsource all SEO tasks and focus on managing your business. Think big!
 Dan Stratford said:
Having an expert you can trust develop a strategy and guide the ongoing implementation on an as needed basis would be a good start.
 Shei Wah said:
Link building, article writing