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Twitter Question of the Week

February 2, 2011
To go along with this week's web spam theme, I asked my Twitter followers:

++What type of web spam concerns/bothers you the most?++

Here's how they answered:

danaditomaso: Blog comment spam. It's annoying and it rewards the spammers with higher rankings!

ann_donnelly: Site scrapers posing as magazine type sites w/mostly Google Ads. Only gets bits of your content & makes you look bad. toad bird

benaiahmorgan: Spam that looks legit esp. given the timing, like an email about an interview 1-2 weeks after applying for a job.

Roxyyo: Blog comment spam, but that's because I'm a blogger ;)

DanCruzInc: Content farms and websites that rank with paid links.

hermandrost: Spoofing my customers email addresses.

nexcerpt: 10 "comments" in 20 mins from bots that suck up tweets and post as HTML.

ejwestksu: Blog commenting. It's led to blanket no-follows preventing relevant links from getting juice.

bk_cox: Exact match domains ranking for everything, with crap content, no history, and content farm spam links.

Realicity: I'm little concerned by SE's inability to address the topic directly as if it doesn't exist.

polymon: Sites that have unreadable (spun) English and a couple links to my competitors!

kevinjgallagher: The ones that the whole site is just adsense ads.

ampretus: Worst web spam hits people where they are most vulnerable AND gives legitimate web people a bad rap.

marcohmann: Does hacked sites passing PageRank count as a spam concern? If so, that's mine.

nuttakorn: Exact domain spamming. It makes me feel less trusting of those websites.

Jill's Response: Seems like a lot of folks mentioned the exact match domain problem. Matt Cutts from Google recently told me they were seriously looking into that. I hope they can do something about it. If nothing else, it might be a good topic for next week's web spam article!

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