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Twitter Question of the Week

May 19, 2010
This week I asked my Twitter followers:

++How often do you view your web analytics?++

Here's what they said:

nsandlin: We do weekly & monthly roundups with "of interest" notes for all staff, plus daily and as needed (etc.) monitoring.

aomedia: I check all my clients' stats every weekend. Clients rarely look themselves.

ZachRoth: Not frequently enough...
Twitter Bird
MattMcGee: Every day. I get about 15 email reports from Google Analytics.

DKS_Systems: Once a day.

bradleyhunt: I check the pulse once a day, peek at AdWords performance 2x day, and spend a couple hours in depth every 2 weeks or so.

klagden: Daily. I look at analytics every morning. More if monitoring something specific.

LiquidWholeFood: I probably access analytics 2x/wk, but I probably do it poorly in that I'm not always sure I'm looking in the right places.

ann_donnelly: Not often enough, hardly ever; but do think it's important to see where leads are coming, or not coming, in.

I80equipment09: Weekly plus month end hard analysis and reporting.

JoshuaTitsworth: Once a day.

quinn_taylor: I check my analytics stats daily #nothingbettertodo
forestsoftware: Checked two or three times a week.

dizzySEO: So often all I have to type into my url bar of my browser is "Anal" and I get there – I'm anal like that.

Jill's comment: All I can say to that last one is that I'm sure glad that it's Google Analytics that shows up for dizzySEO!

Oh yeah, and I'd say that I'm probably in Google Analytics at least once a day, sometimes more for one reason or another. I tend to really dig deeply into our own stats on the weekends, however.

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 Richard said:
Sorry I'm slow of the mark with this answer.

I check most of our clients twice a day and have a weekly round up email of keywords from all clients to look for opportunities for new pages and blog posts.