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Twitter Question of the Week

November 11, 2009
One of the things I love about Twitter is that it is what you make of it. If certain "twits" annoy you, don't follow them. I have my own unwritten rules (or pet peeves, if you will). If someone breaks my rules, I usually unfollow them. I say "usually" because if they are a good friend or I get lots of value out of their tweets, I will cut them some slack. But if I don't really know them and they break my rules (which they don't know exist), and if I visit their Twitter stream and feel that I won't be missing anything by unfollowing them, they will be toast.

But, as I said, everyone uses Twitter differently and everyone has their own unwritten rules.

So this week's #TQW was:

++What are your Twitter pet peeves?++

kwegner:  My biggest Twitter pet peeve is Follow Friday lists! I can't believe people still write that nonsense.

babssaul:  People not saying thank you when you take time to offer requests for help – it's just plain rude.

ann_donnelly: Biggest of many pet peeves: people who just want to have the final word and aren't participating in the conversation. So there!

leebrinckley:  The number of spam followers I get if I use hashtag keywords. I rarely use hashtags now except for specifics like this.

AVirtualEdge:  Generic DMs and Twitter spam.

nickihicks:  Auto-DMs (Direct Messages). Have yet to see one witty enough to make me want to continue following the person. Now, auto-dm = auto-unfollow.

derekedmond:  Recommendations which just list lots of profiles and no reason why (to follow).

macgenie:  1) Repeated tweets. 2) Links with no description.

jwr1b:  The proliferation of marketers with no content other than affiliate links.

scottsdaleseo:  Most definitely the abundance of affiliate marketers... with their "Get rich" schemes. :)

AndyTarsy:  twitter pet peeves? Airplane updates (e.g., just boarded the shuttle) – thanks for sharing.

      Jill:  Oops...I'm guilty of those at times!

dalka:  Any Twitter activity involving bogus, automated, inflated follower account profiles using aggressive outbound tactics.

moreSEOtips:  1) Removing Cite/Source, 2) Auto-follow systems, 3) 2x, 3x RT's by same user.

MCIMaui:  Retweet Only. RTs are great to show things you want to share, but if that's all you do – Come on, have a thought of your own.

Thanks guys, good stuff! You reminded me of more pet peeves that I forgot I even had.

Here are my major ones that will usually cause an unfollow:

FollowFriday recommendations, tweeting the same thing at different times of the day, usually in an automated fashion, tweeting how sick you feel, RTs that make it looks like I tweeted something I didn't.

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 Lee Brinckley said:
One of your pet peeves is "tweeting the same thing at different times of the day". I find that interesting, because one of the social media leaders, Guy Kawasaki, suggests the following in the March issue of Entrepreneur:

"9. Repeat your tweets. Post your most interesting tweets three times, eight to 12 hours apart. My theory is that most people check in at about the same time every day, so people probably won't notice repeat tweets."

I wonder if he still stands by this suggestion.
 Jill Whalen said:
Yes. Which is why I don't follow him or others who do that.