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Twitter Question of the Week

June 16, 2010
True or false? Today's SEO could be tomorrow's search engine spam with the turn of an algo crank.

Here's what my Twitter followers said:

RustyBrick: True

kennyhyder: Not if you're a good SEO.

janetdmiller: Agree with @RustyBrick – True.

timstaines: Anything "could" be tomorrow's SE spam with an algo tweak.

Emma_Lee1: If your focus is rankings & immediate returns you'll be tomorrow's spam. If SEO for people to find needed info you'll be OK.

ann_donnelly: False. Good SEO techniques are the ones that stand the test of time as they are just good practices to follow.

georgebounacos: Yes, esp. those on the edge. But best practices centered around users & usability are likely to be safe forever.

rishil: Absolutely Freaking True. Proviso: You don't keep up with guidelines. If you do – you may escape.

MCIMaui: True as SEO is not a regulated field. But if U R focused on SEO that builds interest/benefit 4 the visitor, U should OK.

Jill's response: Wow! Just wow. This one needs a much longer response than I can put into the Twitter Question of the Week thread. See Search Engine Algorithm Changes Effects on SEO for my response.

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