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Twitter Question of the Week

February 16, 2011
This week I asked my Twitter followers:

Is it too late to save SEO and its reputation from those who have made SEO = spam? I.E., should I just STFU about it?

Here's how they responded:

micahgodbolt: Nope, keep going. Gives me ammo when dealing with customers looking for magic SEO pills for their web projects.

mikehalvorsen: No way! The ethical SEOs are some of the best to point out the unethical SEOs. If we don't do it, who will?

semdave: SEO is likely permanently smudged by those that follow bad practices, and the media that likes to promote that reputation.

jameszol: I don't think SEO = spam...but I do believe your definition of spam is not exactly what mine is. Similar, but not identical.:)

kevinjgallagher: No, Jill. We need to clean up the perception of #seo and reinvigorate trust in the industry.

StedeTroisi: Yes, it is too late, and no, you shouldn't STFU about it.

t_jones: If it's your passion you can't help but feel somewhat responsible for YOUR industry. "Mighty oaks from little acorns grow."

ETeare: Lawyers get a bad rap, yet there are many do-gooder lawyers. SEO is similar! Do good work, ignore the jerks.

SEONickLeRoy: I think SEO will always require people to do research before writing a firm a check. Spam will always be associated with SEO.

terryvanhorne: Jill, yell it from mountain tops - you earned the right.

Emma_Lee1: And let the spammers win? Just because those for whom SEO=Spam shout doesn't mean no one's listening to the rest of us.

dsm_llc: Not too late because there are still many people out there to whom SEO is still a mystery and need help.

Macgenie: Might be too late to save the acronym SEO being equated with spam & dirty tricks. Finding a new term might be worthwhile. I hope you never STFU about it, though!

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 Craig Chant said:
Never say never, but SEO has always been associated with spam and unprofessional attitudes.

I have always advocated ethical SEO, which included standards compliant websites be it the markup, the css , cross browser compatability, current standards and accessability as well as SE friendly.

The problem seems to be that being ethical and doing things the right way don't seem to get rewarded, and even top SEOers refuse to bend to being TOTALY ethical and semantic.

When SEO stands for professional, standards compliant work that, actually works, then and only then will it be accepted as a reputable industry and not spam and scam!

while spammers continue to win, and SEOers continue to beleive they can snub the rest of the web community standards, it is only going to get worse!