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SEO Website Audit

Twitter Question of the Week

December 15, 2010
As an addition to this week's article, "SEO Consultants Are Not the Enemy!" I asked my 7,500+ Twitter followers:

++Which SEO recommendations also make a website more usable to people?++

Here's how they replied:

rustybrick: Pretty URLs and nice headlines.

NicholaStott: Alt attributes.

SebastianX: Larger fonts that humans can actually read and that crawlers don't interpret as hidden text. Structured content, well formatted, and clearly separated from boilerplate elements.

neximuss: Every SEO issue is a usability issue too. Title and meta description tags are teasers in search engine results pages (SERPs). So it begins with SEO.

mercylivi: Clean URLs and easy navigation.

Oldwelshguy: Readable content and links from within that content to related pages.

davidmalmborg: Clear, distinct navigation.

derekedmond: Testimonials.

aknecht: Ones with good accessibility.

canopenerheart: Testimonials and glossaries!

SEOMalc: Logical information architecture.

SEONickLeRoy: Product reviews. Honest, first-hand reviews for visitors and unique, niche-related content for search!

Jill's Response: Good stuff, guys! Now we just have to get all those website developers out there to believe us!

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