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Twitter Question of the Week

January 5, 2011
This week I asked my Twitter followers:

++What reasons have you seen for a loss of traffic after a redesign?++

Here's what they had to say:

timkilroy: Loss of page titling, losing H1s, and poor migration strategy.

RankMagic: Client goes with a new web designer who fails to consider our SEO recommendations...or client forgets to provide them.

Benpfeiffer: Usually very few; depends on size. Not setting up proper 301-redirects, navigation problems, Robots.txt, loss of content. 

janetdmiller: People forget their 301-redirects, rankings drop and traffic drops.

kenjansen: I have seen links lost as the URLs changed for pages buried a little deeper, simple typos sometimes too.

williamvicary: A messed up robots.txt making an error code 500 and a remove from Google's index!

gregelwell: Biggest mistake I've seen is failure to do 301-redirects from old pages to new!

Dave_Lawlor: Usually problems with navigation change screwing up internal linking, along with improper 301 if pages moved.

Casieg: Removed content & changed keyword focus during redesign.

DavidWallace: URL structure changes and no 301-redirects put into place as well as no custom error page (404) on site.

kristypage: Text so fancy that it looks nice but is hard to read in bulk.

SEONickLeRoy:  People not reusing site architecture (URL's) or mapping 1:1 301 redirects.

Jill's Comment: 301-redirects for the win!

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 John said:
Overall, I believe the lost of traffic after a redesign has to do with user interface. If the interface has been reduced from the previous design the user may find it hard and give up. Because its so easy to lose your audience to other sites, he/she should always keep in mind user interface. If you are the person who designed the site, be sure to ask others to test and retest. Then get them to compare the old and new design. Do this with a number of people. Its just good marketing.