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Twitter Question of the Week

May 5, 2010
To go along with today's SEO myth-debunking theme, I asked my Twitter followers:

++What's Your Favorite SEO Myth?++

olivier_amar: As of today? That using external links dilutes your Page Rank.

BrianHarnish: My favorite is probably the one that says you can get #1 Google Rankings in 24 hours!
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diannahuff: Fav. SEO myth – that you only need keywords in the keyword tag.

refreshideas: SE can't read dynamic URL's for e.g. DB driven product catalog.

emzuniga: Fav SEO myth – I've got a few: IP address changes will tank rankings & use of the keyword META tag will boost rankings.

Roxyyo: Favorite SEO myth is the "duplicate content penalty."

bluemarketspace: "Meta tags help ranking/are more important than visible text." I've seen clients work more on meta tags than on visible text.

terryvanhorne: Links are SEO! Nope. Links are promotion with a different skill set!

marknunney: Fave SEO myth: Categorising keywords into buying, research, information, etc. (Just look at your site stats instead.)

nickihicks: Using meta-keywords. Although they come in handy for a competitor analysis ;).

ann_donnelly: "You just have to put all your key phrases in meta tags of your homepage." (If I had a nickel every time I heard that.)

wendychamier: My favorite SEO myth? That I can guarantee number 1 position for a particular keyword next week!

davematson: Fav SEO myth: that submitting to (hundreds of!) search engines has any value.

I80equipment09: That anyone can guarantee anything via SEO.

FeatMarketing: That SEO is difficult to learn and you must be a technical wizard.

deepthiseo: My FAV myth is that Google Adwords can help in search engine rankings.

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 A. Norris said:
I disagree with the claim that the link: command is useless. I used it on both Google and Yahoo! and got a list of a few hundred backlinks, most of which were very helpful in determining the types of businesses and individuals interested in our site.

By loading the search results into an Excel file and sorting them, I was able to generate an annotated list of blogs that link to us. I was also able to search for links to our old site and contact a lot of webmasters who subsequently updated their links, which was a win-win since they no longer have a broken link and we continue a relationship with them.

If folks know of better (free) tools to find incoming links, please post them! I'd love to improve our link analysis methods.
 Bonzaros said:
Changing a word in the Title tag will cause the site to move up in SERPS overnight.
 Jill Whalen said:
A. Norris I don't believe anyone in this thread said that Google's link command was useless. That was me in the 8 SEO Myths article.

That said, if you're thinking that you're getting all the links to your site with Google's link command, you need to think again. Because you're only getting a small handful of them.