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Twitter Question of the Week

July 28, 2010
This week I asked my Twitter followers:

++Do you use "article marketing" as a form of SEO?++

Here's what they said:

chrbutler: Yes.

netmeg: No.

SBTTraining: We do but it's very time consuming.

Patricktigue: Yes.

deanfortythree: Usually. Depends on the client, but can be very effective.

Mike_Seddon: Not as SEO specifically but certainly as traffic generator, credibility builder and lead generator.

forestsoftware: Not now. I have found it to be of little value nowadays as often they are so buried as to be of no use.

I80equipment09: Yes, great link building w/relevant content.

Jill's comment: I'm not really a fan of article marketing for article marketing's sake, but if you are a thought leader and have interesting things to say that haven't been said by everyone in your space already, then articles (or blog posts) can be a great way to showcase that expertise. These articles can, in turn, bring some nice long-tail traffic to the website. I don't do any of that article submission stuff that many do, however. (I fair that I get to use more than 140 characters for my answer!)

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