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Twitter Question of the Week

December 16, 2009
++How often do you think most websites should be redesigned?++

CalebHowe: It depends on the type of site. Brochure-ware, blog, news, shop. Every two years at extreme outside for all though.

BarryWise: A site which is being maintained well (daily/weekly) shouldn't need a redesign very often – every couple years maybe.

CopywriterMaven: When visitors begin to complain that they can't do/find/get stuff that they think they should be able to easily.

leebrinckley: Redesigns are a necessary part of brand evolution, whether it be simple layout changes or design overhaul – 1 to 3 years.

allisonkessler: Review your website design EVERY YEAR. Get outside opinions. If your design's still effective, that's great!

bk_cox: Our owners are strict in some sort of small redesign every 6 months. Every year or two a serious overhaul takes place.

forestsoftware: I have just redesigned my site for the first time in 5 years – follow the "if it ain't broke don't fix it" rule.

RNSesq: No more than 1x a year. If I check something daily I like continuity. Too much change may lose me as a visitor. Tempered with a FWIW & IMO.

ETeare: Major redesign – 2 years. But, always be testing.

terryvanhorne: No answer because every site is unique. Content, seasons (christmas decor?), products and sales cycle drive design changes.

DerrickWheeler: When there is opportunity for improved customer experience & conversion rate that exceeds the expense of the redesign.

Jill's comment: Wow, some of you guys are hard core! As a company who rolled out a completely new design 2 years ago, I can't imagine going through that process again so soon. Seems like just yesterday. Of course, ours is working for us, and we do review each page on a regular basis to make sure it's up to date. Our previous site was up for a good 7 years I think...okay, maybe that was pushing it just a little!

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 David Beard said:
Redesigning the Architectural Structure :
Depends on how good the initial structure is and how well it's doing for the target market. I feel that a lot would depend on those factors as well as other variables to determine when the right time to make a structural change.

Redesigning of the Graphical and Visual Aspect :
6 months or depending on the time and money that one can acquire for the project. Not only would I want to attract new markets or different targets, I would also want to further attract and uplift my current customers. There are many different types of people with a different feel towards the color blue or the color green. Sure psychologically we may be the same, but there are also cultural backgrounds to consider among other variables as well.

Granted there's variables on both. I just know that when I leave a site it's because the structure is horrible and I can't find anything and if they were to change to something better, I would consider them again, and once a life long customer it's pretty exciting to see a new look every so often. Keeps things alive - I treat it like my Marriage.

Thankful for the opportunity to write within your subject matter,
David Beard
 remonatrix said:
The whole thing stems on relevancy and the fact that users find what they need and stay on the site using your service - reading your article or buying your product.

For sure out of date web site design goes against the grain and users tend to remember nice looking site in their field of interest. A yucky looking site that promotes pictures and photography would certainly not pass as well with the niche community as a site dedicated to house plants on a semi yucky outdated non CSS'd table driven web site. If your plant is sick - you'll read the information no matter where it is.

Make sure you follow trends and don't get behind the times - especially if your niche market dwelves in the "NOW" (Blogs - news - IT - journalism - Movies - Videos - Images). Anything that is hip and new does not need to be on your web site but things that matter to the community of users that go on your site should find their way to you site.
 Rosemary Brisco said:
Redesigning every year or two is a huge effort that may or may not attract and convert site visitors.

When the typical B2B screen resolution changed from 800 to wider widths of about 1024 it made made sense to relaunch. Back then any site still at a fixed width of 800 pixels wide look out of date.

Back in the 800 x 600 pixel days we used to see a lot of variable width sites. Now those sites look terrible on wide screens and should be changed so visitors don't have to re-size their browser to comfortably read a page.