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Twitter Question of the Week

July 27, 2011

This week I asked my Twitter followers:

++What are your quick words of wisdom for a business owner just starting out with SEO for their site?++

Here's how they replied:

SonicSEO: Have a unique value proposition – be able to clearly explain why you're better than the competition. Huge for conversions.

JVRudnick: Title tag + less than 70 chars + priority keywords in order.

Patrickberzai: Content! Content! Content! And SEO is not the be all. A great user interface and calls to action to get leads!

Kaidez: Focus on content first.

Matt_Siltala: I would say start with the basics in making sure your design or content management system (CMS) is search friendly, URLs, images, unique meta, folders, 301s, etc.

ErinJones: Stay organized! Don't rush through something thinking you'll have time to clean it up later. You won't.

JenJHodge: Don't get too attached to the content you wrote, no one's trying to hurt your feelings!

Abelmohler: Design your site for real visitors, not for search engines.

Nibfickle: Be patient. Be very, very patient. This is not what you've been told... #bewareforfakeSEOsharks #nextweek1inGoogleWontWork

ARileyWebDesign: Start with quality website.  Don’t use tricks or gimmicks and stay clear of anyone who advocates such methods.

Dbarra: Ignore toolbar PR, focus on conversions not rankings, obsessively organize/refine your site hierarchy, and test don't guess.

bran6141: Get on twitter and start following people in SEO and web development.  Great people sharing great information.

SEOMalc: Test the water with a targeted PPC campaign first to get data on traffic and conversion rates for later SEO targeting.

Sambeamond: Focus 1st on keyword research, build a list to use throughout SEO campaign. Then begin implementation with Title tags.

BFuniv: You are planting something that will grow.

Stevenapier: Employ a quality SEO agency.

MinkiKimSI: Stay patient & persistent in SEO. Focus on building a quality site, not just ranking high.

DKS_Systems: Build your website for users and for great user-functionality which includes quality content. Quality first.

Mercylivi: Clear and easy hierarchy website. Target localized phrases in KWs & content. Have your mantra as Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS).

Chingyun: Be patient.

DigitalEel: Start with clear objective for your website (helps dictate keyword selection/focus of each page). And site architecture!

Freelancemomcom: In depth KW research with emphasis on local if applicable. Test conversions with PPC. Content strategy--user 1st. Persist!

NickLeRoy: Absolutely need to choose two of the following: Money, Time or Results.

Pedalowebdesign: Obvious start point is working out who audience is, and research. Then building really good rich content.

Jill's Comments: Wow, great stuff everyone! @JVRudnick, I'm not sure I follow what you're saying, but I disagree that a title tag needs to be fewer than 70 characters. @Abelmohler, while that sounds good in theory, there are plenty of sites designed for real visitors which get no search engine traffic, making that advice somewhat hollow. I prefer to say, "Design for real visitors, while also keeping search engines in mind!"

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