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Twitter Question of the Week

November 3, 2010
This week I asked my Twitter followers:

++What do you think of the new SERP display for local listings in Google?++

Here's what they said:

TonyVerre: I think it'll be great for users, providing relevant results for geo-local queries (outside of the yellow-page-esque results). For SEMs, hopefully prior they've been getting local citations. I think we'll all have to pay-to-place at some level.

ann_donnelly: Google's new SERPs for local search will get site owners focused on getting better Places listings, as they do stand out.

tonicarr: I think I liked the old model better, but then again I may just have to get used to it. The box on the right is weird.

englischbox: Our business has gone mad since the new display but no doubt there will be losers. And listings are at times displayed with pics.

marcbitanga: UI is confusing as hell. Whatever happened to clean & simple?

bhartzer: SEOs worth their weight are keeping the Google Local ranking secrets to themselves. Most don't know what to think about it.

sumnermusolf: Reviews are much more visible / important. For the Place page, but also other various pages. (But I'm no expert.)

mjswebsolutions: I like it. Gives more space for local business listings.

Matt_Siltala: Actually love it. If you have been doing your local & organic correctly you are loving life with the new display.

axemedia: I'm in same boat as @Matt_Siltala. Organic + Maps SEO combo has really paid off.

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